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A registered fund management company 
regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

Our Value Proposition

Values that remain constant in a changing world

Convenience & Efficiency

We offer invaluable assistance in
getting your family office up & running, with added peace of mind for you.

Transparency & Integrity

Our interests will
always be aligned with yours.

360 ̊ Holistic Services

From investments, wealth
management, succession
planning to administrative
management and philanthropic
endeavors, we can handle it all.

Quality and Access

Best-in-class open investment
platform that is scalable in
assets/services and customisable
for each client.

Our Services

Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 2.39.33 PM.png
Family Office Service

We provide one stop solution and flat fee model to bring client families beyond traditional bank models and access in.

Investment Advisory Service

We offer a full suite of investment access for families can investment comprehensively or opportunistically with us harness the power of VCC structure.


Winfield Core Team

PME_0025aaaa dd 8rs.jpg
Robin Zhang
Chief Operating Officer

Specialties: Family Office and Fund Structuring, Taxation, Regulation & Compliance

PME_9953aab 8rs.jpg
Roger Zhu, CFA, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Specialties: Private banking, Family Office, Portfolio Management, Client Advisory, Securities Trading

PME_9994ab 8rs.jpg
Timothy Chua, B. Acc (Hon)
Chief Investment Officer

Specialties: Family Office, Private Banking, Client Onboarding, Client Advisory, Securities Trading

Strengths and Benefits of Singapore
for Family Office Set-Up

Top Choice for family relocation
High Quality Education
Reputation, Stability, Security
Ease of creating economic substance
Frame 14.png
No capital gains tax & attractive tax incentive - 13 U/O
Group 2790.png
Extensive tax treaty network (85 tax treaties)
Frame 15.png
Strong standing as a full-service International Fund Management Centre (recognized VCC structures)
Global Investor Program for Permanent Resident (PR) / Citizenship
Choice as regional HQ for many International Companies, International Finance & Tech Hub
Bilingual population & familiarity with Asian Culture
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